Marketing Any Product or Service With Facebook

Today I want to rehash a video that I have mentioned before on how to use Facebook as a marketing tool.

First, let me say right off that this video is primarily intended for network marketers as a prospecting tool to build an MLM business. But don’t let any prejudices you may have against network marketing deter you from watching this brilliant video.

The fact is that the ideas presented here can help ANY business sell ANY product or service.

The concept revolves around building what David Meerman Scott calls "buyer personas," to attract people to your Facebook page who share similar interests with you, and then providing them with quality content to keep them coming back. It also incorporates blogging and Twitter into the process.

Frankly, despite the fact that it is a video by a network marketer for network marketers, the ideas here are nothing short of genius.

I think you will find them very helpful:

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