5 Of My Favorite Articles From Dosh Dosh

If there’s a more consistently insightful blog than Dosh Dosh, I’m hard pressed to think of one. Written by Maki, who reveals that he is a philosophy student, Dosh Dosh offers some of the very best thinking on social media, internet marketing and personal branding.

To whet your appetite, here are some of my favorite Maki posts:
  1. An Essential Marketing Principle: Give Before You Try To Get, addresses the age old marketing questions of “How to get more trust?” and “How to get past buyers’ defenses?

    Basically Maki’s advice is to “Give before you get.” It is an article about offering helpful free content that adds value and solves problems. Here's a sample:
    Give them tips they can instantly use in their lives/business. Give them pleasant surprises. Give them interaction. Give them promises you can keep. Develop a history of giving. Be known as a giver.

  2. Tell People What You Want Them to Do for You. Ah the incredible missing “Call to Action,” that so many marketing messages. An old marketing truism? Yes, but Maki offers some fresh insights

    This is a good companion article to the one above, as we content creators often tend to be very willing to give good tips and ideas, but we (at least I do) often fail to define the next step we want our audiences to take.

  3. Twitter Marketing: Why You Don't Need to Mass Follow Twitter Users, addresses the often futile misfocused push to gain new followers rather than building relationships with those followers. Some really great ideas here.

  4. How ‘Mini-Funnel’ Websites Can Help You Increase Traffic, Generate Leads and Build Exposure shows an SEO concept used by the Obama campaign during the U.S presidential campaign in 2008.

    The gist of this strategy is to create several mini-sites optimized for a single, but important, keyword. Because these little sites offer only one keyword, they will often gain top search engine rankings. Then the sites offer links to your main site.

  5. The Art of Propaganda: 7 Common Tactics Used to Influence Behavior shows how the tactics of political propagandists can be used by the good guys to lead readers to make favorable decisions.

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