10 Ways to Grow Your Business With Twitter

  1. Twitter is the ultimate networking tool, it can help you reach out and make meaningful connections with more people, faster, than any other way in existence. If you believe in networking in your offline business world, take it online with Twitter.

  2. As long as you have something interesting to say, Twitter can help you create relationships with high level people you could never reach in the offline world. Twitter can literally get you access to people who would otherwise be insulated by many levels of gatekeepers.

  3. Twitter can drive instant, targeted traffic to your website, blog, Facebook or LinkedIn page, or your Google Profile.

  4. You can target your Twitter network by keywords, topics of interest or by geography.

  5. Twitter is not just about blasting out your message to anyone and everyone. One of the biggest values is what you will learn. By listening to others, you will find out more than you could ever learn from any other resource.

  6. Twitter can help you become a recognized expert in your field. If you consistently find and send out useful, helpful, problem-solving information, you will gather a following and become an authority.

  7. Sharing quality information is one of the best ways to build relationships. Twitter is the online equivalent to clipping out informative articles and mailing them to people who might be helped by that information. Except Twitter makes it easier, faster and it’s free.

  8. Use Twitter to get the word out fast. Example: A pizza restaurant in New Orleans built a list of local followers within a certain zip code. Whenever they “tweet” about a special offer their phone instantly rings off the hook.

  9. You can do market research and get instant feedback on Twitter by conducting surveys. Twitpoll.com is an excellent, and easy to use, app for conducting surveys on Twitter.

  10. Twitter is the perfect tool to turn strangers into contacts and contacts into friends. You really can develop quality relationships if you are helpful, generous, share and considerate (you know, all those things you were taught in kindergarten).

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