10 Personal Branding Tips

Recently, without any advanced planning, I started posting some “Personal Branding Tips” on Twitter. I just wrote whatever came to mind as I sat at my computer.

Afterwards, when I looked them over, I decided I didn’t want to forget about them, so I decided to list them again here as a blog article. Hey, I’m all for saving time with quickie blog posts whenever possible.

You will probably notice how much importance I place on creating or sharing helpful, informative content. If there is a theme here it is that personal branding is not an empty exercise in creating an image that stands apart from who you really are. A true personal brand is all about the value you add to others.

So without further ado, here are 10 Personal Branding tips. I hope you find them helpful:
  1. What problems are you very good at solving? Who has these problems? How can you position yourself as the solution? Your personal brand will be built upon the problems you are good at solving and the content you create to prove that you can solve them.
  2. Who has the problems you are good at solving?" Think of what search terms do these people use on Google when looking for the solutions you provide.
  3. How can you become known as the solution to certain problems? Again, the answer is to leave footprints all over the web that will lead potential employers or clients to you.
  4. If you are still employed, get on the web with quality content as much as you can. Be visible! Your content will advance your career and also give you the only true security you can have in your professional life
  5. Building a brand is all about creating problem-solving content on the web. Get known as a problem solver.
  6. The day will soon come when a blog is as important (or more) than a resume. Start blogging now.
    Not convinced? Imagine you have two candidates seeking the same job.

    One has a great resume, but the other has an above-average resume PLUS a blog that shows long-term commitment to your industry, knowledge of the problems facing your industry and insightful solutions to those problems.

    Who would you hire? .... I rest my case.

  7. Video links will get you higher search engine rankings than text links. To Google, one video link pointing to your site equals 80+ test links. Create quality, informative videos now.
  8. Get on employers' or clients' radar before they need you. Create quality content so they can find you and learn about your ideas.
  9. The indispensible tools for personal branding are:
    • A blog to act as a library for the information you create and information created by others that you recommend.
    • A Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account to tell the world about the content on your blog. Become a resource for people seeking information related to what you do.

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