How to "Work The Room" in Social Media

Last week I wrote an article called, Social Marketing - Word of Mouth on Steroids about how to build "social capital" using social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and the rest.

Here is a quote from that article:
Using Twitter effectively is like working a giant room. You make friends. You do favors.

You reach out to those who need help. You proactively perform random acts of kindness with no expectation that person will ever be able to return the favor (although you firmly believe these selfless acts will not go unrewarded).

You share ideas freely, you share resources freely, and you share information freely. But above all, you listen more than you talk.

If you are building your business with social media tools like Twitter, you have probably noticed those people who use these platforms as places to push their products or services. "Blah, blah, blah. Me, me, me."

Sigh, they just don't get it.

I'm trying to get away from using the term "social marketing" and instead I'm using "social networking."

Doing business on social media requires the same networking mindset required for offline networking. In other words, be nice, be generous, stay connected, add value, LISTEN, LISTEN A LOT, and help others accomplish their goals.

Twitter is like being at a big party. Have you ever noticed that at parties, usually there is someone who has a crowd gathered around him or her?

Guess what, these people aren't gathered around to be sold life insurance, a new accounting database system or an mlm opportunity. Nor are they gathered to hear a job seeker's elevator pitch.

The crowd gathers around INTERESTING PEOPLE. These are people who have interesting things to say. Interesting stories, interesting thoughts on current events, interesting ideas, interesting ways of doing old things.

Typically, this person is well read and shares what he or she has learned.

And it may possible touch on the insurance business, the software business or an opportunity, but rarely.

Be That Guy on social media. Have ideas to share. Tell stories. Give valuable information. BE INTERESTING!

That's the way to be successful as a social networker.

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