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How Email Marketing Helped a Small Business Owner

Let me start by telling you a story.

I first got interested in helping businesses and professionals market themselves several years ago (I think it was around 2001) when a friend mentioned that her beauty shop was going through a seasonal slump. Now my friend had a very successful salon in a very affluent area of North Atlanta. She had over ten beauticians working for her and had a very loyal clientele.

But there were two times a year that business slowed way down. Right after Christmas and in the July-August vacation season.

I had been reading Robert Allen's book Multiple Streams of Internet Income and gave her the idea to start collecting the email addresses of her customers. I suggested that she offer discount coupons to people who signed up for her email list.

So she did, she started collecting email addresses and sending out a weekly email that had beauty tips and special offers. In addition, I suggested that when those two seasonal down times of the year arrived, she should send out a special broadcast email to her entire list offering various specials and discounts.

My friend's email marketing campaign became a huge success. in less than a year it became her most productive marketing tool. She stopped sending out expensive direct mail and reduced her print advertising because the email list was bringing in more business than her staff could handle, even during those two periods that had previously been her slow periods.

And I should mention that it wasn't until years later that she got her own website for her salon. All these results I mentioned came from simply sending out emails.

I've learned a lot about web marketing since then and now make my living helping businesses improve their marketing online. I invite you to follow this blog to learn many more web marketing ideas that you can use to boost your business too.