Social Media Workshops and Trainings

Do the members of your organization need new tools to grow their businesses?

By now, everyone has at least heard of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs. But they may have no idea how these tools can generate leads, make prospecting easier and faster, or how they can get more visitors to a website.

Why not hire me to conduct workshop for your organization so your members or staff can be up to speed on these very effective new ways to attract business?

Here are some of the topics I can present for your organization:
  • A simple Twitter marketing system that builds a large following of prospects, and leads them to opt onto your email list;
  • An overview of how Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other tools work and how to use them for business;
  • Personal Branding: teaching your people how to become recognized experts in their fields;
  • How to drive more traffic to a website, with all of these new visitors being highly qualified and expressing interest in what the site offers;
  • How to attract a large list of opt-in email subscribers who want to receive your newsletter - Note: these methods work even if you don't have a website;
  • How to prospect and generate leads using free social media tools;
  • Why Facebook is not just for kids! The fastest growing group on Facebook are smart business people;
  • How to film short, 2-3 minute videos that pull web traffic with ease;
  • How to build a professional network with LinkedIn and make the "Six Degrees of Separation" principle work for you;

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