Blogging to Dominate Keywords and Google (Part 2)

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Yesterday I wrote a case study about Grant Griffiths, a Kansas family law attorney who totally dominated his targeted keywords on Google within two years of starting his blog.

Grant's blog, Kansas Family Lawyer, put him on the first page of 12 out of 13 keywords that I looked up. Obviously as they say on those weight loss commercials, these results may are not typical of all bloggers, but it does show the potential of blogging to promote your business.

Based on this case study, here are some lessons you can apply to dominate your keywords:
  • Put your main keyword in your blog's title;
  • Put this same main keyword in your url or website address (ie;
  • Write articles on a regular basis (don't know if Grant Griffiths wrote every single day, but he posted often);
  • The titles of his articles always contained keywords;
  • Within these articles repeated the same keywords in the article title about 4 times out of every 100 words;
  • Post helpful (non spammy) comments on other related blogs. Whenever appropriate, include a link to a pertinate article within your own blog.
  • Use anchor text within these links. "Anchor text" refers to those blue, clickable links that do not just mention the website address but instead have a keyword. Look back to the first paragraph of this article at the blue "case study about Grant Griffiths" as an example.
  • You can create anchor text links with a small bit of html code. I have written a tutoriol on creating anchor text at: Anchor Text Tutorial
  • Also create internal anchor text links from one of your articles to another just as this article contains a link back to my previous article.

These are all basic search engine optimization techniques, but as Grant Griffiths example demonstrates, they are extremely effective.

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