Who Are Your Buyer Personas?

I am a really big fan of David Meerman Scott. I find it amazing how much useful information he posts on his blog, Web Ink Now, and what a terrific resource his books, The New Rules of Marketing and PR and World Wide Rave are.

One of the key concepts he talks about is "Buyer Personas." These personas are not mere client demographics or statistical results of traditional market research. They are instead fleshed out representations of who your buyers are, and why they seek out your services.

Here is a great video David put together.

Last year, during the United States presidential campaign, David spoke to groups all over the world, and asked audiences to some up in one word what Barack Obama wanted people to believe about him. Overwhelmingly, the audiences' answers were, "Change."

Did you notice though, that David came up with several personas for the example of a hotel website? Rather than using that site to tell people all about how fluffy their pillows are, he suggests that the site talk about young couples looking for a place to have their wedding receptions, corporate travel offices of nearby companies, self-employed business travelers, or families planning their vacations.

What do you want your potential clients to believe about you? Who are your buyer personas (make a list and don't assume you just appeal to one group)? And what problems do these personas want to solve?
And for goodness sake, if you haven't yet read anything by David Meerman Scott, go over to Web Ink Now and check him out.

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