T.I.P.S. A Four-Step Formula To Find Your Niche

Why is a personal brand so important? The short answer is competition.

Regardless of whether you are seeking a job or are trying to attract business, you have lots of competition out there. Imagine your resume is sitting on someone’s desk in a large pile of other resumes. Not a very comforting thought, is it?

The same is true if you are trying to attract business. Your prospects are exposed to an estimated 15,000 sales messages every day. How in the world are you going to stand out amidst that much competition?

One key is to establish your own niche. Instead of being just one other fish in the pond, you can be the only fish in your own pond. A niche means you inherently have less (or even better, no) competition because you have your niche all to yourself.

Here is a simple, four step process for finding your own niche:
  1. ”T” stands for Target your audience. Identify a group of people you can serve who you can identify with and have a connection with.

  2. ”I” stands for Information. What information does your target audience want? What questions do they want answers to?

  3. ”P” stands for Problems. What problems do they have that need to solve? Better yet, what problems are they desperate to solve?

  4. ”S” stands for Solutions. What solutions can you provide for this group of people? What skills do you have that can solve their problems?

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