5 Great Social Media Articles - Plus 1 Video - That Will Change Your Life

Ok, maybe they won't really change your life necessarily, but these articles and video might help you do social media a whole lot better.

All of these pieces came to my attention via other Twitter users who generously share quality information. (In other words, these wonderful folks used Twitter generously in order to build relationships by sharing. Which is very much in keeping with the way social media should be used).

  1. The first article is called, Traditional Marketing is like Six Flags, Content Marketing is like the Museum of Modern Art, from Eyecube.

    Traditional marketing is based on a big push, or promotion. It can begin with a media blast that can be like a roller coaster ride for consumers. Exciting one moment, then nothing the next. Sometimes its like eating the cotton candy sold at the midway. No nutritional value, just a sugar rush that soon turns into a crash.

    Social media, on the other hand, is like visiting the museum.

    But what if your marketing program was more like an art museum? What if, instead of putting your consumers on a rollercoaster, you walked them through room after room of deep, contextually-rich content? So much content in fact that most people couldn’t even take it all in in one trip? No long line to ride Colossus, just a leisurely stroll, at your own pace, engaging with the content.

    Now take it to the next level – don’t just let your consumers wander aimlessly, provide them with an audio tour – a podcast if you will – or even better have a docent that can answer any questions (kind of like a Twitter feed). Layer more content on top of the content, further deepening the connection with the consumer.

    Social media relies on delivering content that informs, engages, educates, and provides lasting value to those who consume your content

  2. The next article is 37 Ways to Use Social Media to Market Your Website by Michelle Crossley.

    This article is a treasure trove of wisdom. it contains such valuable information as, "Learn how to NOT ask for 40 pieces of demographic data when giving something away for free. Instead, collect little bits over time. Gently."

    Here are some more excepts:
    • Track your inbound links and when they come from blogs, be sure to comment on a few posts and build a relationship with the blogger. (I sure hope Michelle comments on MY blog).
    • Learn all you can about how NOT to pitch bloggers. Excellent resource: Susan Getgood.
    • Try out a short series of audio podcasts or video podcasts as content marketing and see how they draw.
    • Build community platforms around real communities of shared interest.

  3. Then there is the New York Times article, Tweeting Your Way to a Job, which follows the efforts of Amanda Casgar to land the job of her dreams as a social media specialist for a California winery.

    Along the way, the article explains why companies are creating the position of social media experts, and what the jobs entail.

  4. Chris Garret has forgotten more about social media than most of us ever knew. His recent article, How to Really Use Social Media Marketing as a Tool For Business, is a fine example of his insights.

    He compares entering the social media marketplace to how to behave at a party, such as listen, respond and provide interesting conversation.

    Contrast this to the people who jump onto social media to shout out their sales messages like a party boor who wants to talk about himself and what he's doing. Or worse yet, who uses a social setting to try to sell you something.

  5. Creating Your Social Media Plan, by Lisa Barone, gives some really great advice on how to incorporate social media with a company's existing marketing efforts.

    Such as,
    I tend to believe that for most businesses, marketing is storytelling. It’s about using the tools available to you through social media to pique your customer’s interest and make them invested in who you are. The most successful companies are the ones that have gotten us interested in their story to the point where we want to share it with other people. We want to be associated with them.

  6. Last is a brilliant video by Rob Moore, called The Facebook MLM Attraction Strategy. Yes it is about how to use Facebook to promote a Network Marketing business, but don't let your prejudices prevent you from watching one of the most intelligent explanations of how to use Facebook to market ANY product or service.

    This video shows how to use Facebook as a hub for all your online activities and integrate them to attract new business. Honestly I cannot imagine that you won't pick up several great ideas from this video, regardless of your opinion of network marketers.

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