How to Write Blog Articles, And other Web Content, Fast

I'm always recommending creating good quality web content to business people I meet. When they ask me how, I mention blogging and podcasting. And that's usually when I get met with that now-familiar I-hated-English-class stare.

But fear not. You can create good, quality content fast so you can move on to the other projects you face each day. It just takes a system.

First, keep a notebook with you to jot down ideas for articles. What things does your target audience want to learn about? What information do they need?

One of the best things you can do with this notebook is to list helpful tips and actionable ideas that the people you want to reach can put into practice and see quality results.

Second, read. Again focus your reading on the information you want to learn. As a blogger or content creator, your job in essence is to read for other people and share the best of that information with them in digest form.

Third, armed with your notebook of ideas and/of a few nuggets of information you've come across worthy of sharing, sit down at your computer.

Write a question. Write another question, and another until your mind grows blank. Then look at these questions to decide which one to launch off of.

Write an answer or response to that question. When you have answered it, start on another question. At this point you can either choose from your list of questions you have down, or (more likely) what you just wrote will give rise to a new question in your mind.

Write that question down and then answer it.

Questions force the mind to come up with an answer.

True story: Several years ago, I went through a long catastrophic illness which caused me to spend a lot of time sleeping on the coach. My young children could play around me and not faze me in the slightest. But sometimes one of them would ask me a question and I would immediately wake up, answer the question and go back to sleep.

There questions would trigger my mind to come up with an answer, regardless of how deep my sleep was.

So use questions to trigger your writing. Ask and answer questions until you have dealt with the topic. After words, you may leave the questions in place or remove them like scaffolding beside a building.

Some of your answers will come from your mind and other parts will require that you look at your research information.

Do this for either your blog articles or as a way to script a podcast. Either way, it will help you create a lot of content quickly and easily.

Regardless of your horrifying experiences in English class.

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June 12, 2010 at 4:50 PM said...

That picture is really disgusting. It looks too devilish.

June 13, 2010 at 7:55 AM Charles Brown said...

Didn't mean it to look devilish, I was trying to convey the idea that a blogger can write good content very quickly.

That said, I admit it is a strange picture. I didn't mind edgy but wasn't trying to be disturbing.