10 Easy Ways to Market Your Business With a Flip Camcorder

If you don't already own one, and you want an easy way to market your business, go buy a Flip UltraHD Camcorder.


Why? Well for one thing, the Flip is dirt cheap. The model you see in the picture above costs only $149, gives you 120 minutes of recording time, fits neatly in your pocket and delivers excellent sound and picture quality.

And it will put some serious money in your pocket if you use the following tips to market your business:
  1. Record video testimonials of your clients or people who attend your events.
  2. Create short videos (2 to 3 minutes seem to be the optimal length) that answer your customers' most frequently asked questions. Also include those questions that you are NOT asked, but you feel customers should be asking. One short video per question.
  3. Demonstrate your processes. If you make a product and can demonstrate "how the sausage is made" this will create a compelling piece that your potential customers will want to watch.
  4. Convey information in a format that is easier for your customers to understand than if you put it in written form. Or use videos to supplement your written material. Some people understand text while others find videos easier to comprehend. Don't assume all people grasp information in the same format.
  5. Demonstrate how your product is used. Show it in action.
  6. Upload your videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites. Be sure to "tag" your videos with your best keywords and put your URL in the description section YouTube provides. This will create a link from YouTube to your site making it easier for people to find online.
  7. Also post your videos to your own website. Studies have proven that websites with videos convert at least 50% more visitors into buyers.
  8. Use videos to share helpful tips and solutions to your customers. Including several "how to" videos on your site will make not only help you bond with your visitors, it will also convince them that you know what you are doing.
  9. Use videos to upsell to higher value products. Show side by side comparisons of Product A with Product B. If Product B costs more than A, show them why. Use your video to demonstrate value and benefits.
  10. Create valuable content with videos. The more informative your site, the more it solves your target customers' problems, the more it helps them reach decisions or achieve the goals they want to achieve, the more traffic your site will get.

The fact is, you can use pretty much any camcorder to do the above things, but because the Flip is so easy and portable, you will find yourself using it more often than a bigger, clunkier model.

Check out the reviews and customer feedback on Amazon here.

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