Great ways to use Google Sidewiki

This is a Google Sidewiki I wrote on Will Robinson's great article about Google Sidewiki called, Google SideWiki and Your Business.

I had convinced myself that I was a little bit of an expert on Sidewiki but still managed to learn several very useful points on the new Google tool.

Great job Will.


Just when I had led myself to believe I was a minor expert on Google Sidewiki, this article bursts my balloon and shows me some great ways to use it that I never thought of.

I love the idea of creating a webmaster post on sidewiki to greet other SW users. Genius.

Of course using SW to find potential fans and brand ambassadors is also inspired.

Thanks for humbling me a bit. I really learned from this article.

in reference to:

"Use positive comments as an opportunity to nurture brand enthusiasts. These people are knocking on your front door while serving as ambassadors for other site visitors. Share their post and cultivate them as you would a blogger who just wrote a glowing review."
- IBM InfoBOOM - Google SideWiki and Your Business (view on Google Sidewiki)