Conversation Marketing

Below is a Google Sidewiki comment I posted to a great article on Mashable called 6 Challenges to Managing a Brand on the Social Web.

I really urge you to check this article out because it is a roundup with six social media experts who each highlight a challenge marketers face when bringing a brand to the social web.

I love this comment by Scott Monty about consistently "showing up" on social media to engage in these conversations. It is vital to participate in as many conversations as possible. Check out my ebook, "101 Ways to Promote Your Brand With Social Media Marketing" at

in reference to:

"Monty noted that half the battle is simply showing up. “It’s not just about running an online promotion or campaign and expecting results. You need to be there consistently and reliably every day, so that over time, a community will grow — and that’s when the magic begins to happen.”"
- 6 Challenges to Managing a Brand on the Social Web (view on Google Sidewiki)