Following Strategically

This is a Sidewiki I posted to Jeff Bulla's blog. He wrote 5 case studies of companies using social media successfully. My comment below focused on one excerpt form one of the case studies. Be sure to read the whole article.

Exactly! The first step in using social media is to follow the right people, because this will make up the core of the people who eventually follow you. Target the right keywords based on their interest and comment on their tweets.

This is a far cry from just blasting out semi-spam sales messages. What Teusner did was respond to something initiated by the other person.

Hmmm, this sounds an awful lot like having a conversation.

Charles Herbert Brown

in reference to:

"to get rolling, he used Twitter search for wine-related terms. When he found interesting and influential people talking about the business, he followed them. Then he started conversing about wine and interacting with them. When he finds them, he sends a friendly message. “We say, “Thanks for trying the wines, we’re really glad you’ve tasted them. G’day.’ They’re really surprised, and they’re happy to hear from us.”"
- Twitter: 5 Business Case Studies « Jeffbullas's Blog (view on Google Sidewiki)