Marketing With YouTube Videos - A Case Study

This is a case study of how one small business has been experiencing extraordinary success by marketing with YouTube videos.

My friend Rodney Geisler is the owner of Home Energy Doctors here in the Dallas - Fort Worth area of Texas. For the last several months, he and his team have been filming and uploading videos to YouTube and his website.

We have had a number of conversations about the success of his videos and how well they are working for him. Here are a couple of the lessons Rodney has learned:
  • Videos are a great way to explain complicated services and help viewers understand the benefits of what you offer in a way that is personal to them.
  • Home-made videos made with an inexpensive Flip Camcorder are more persuasive than overly polished, professionally filmed videos. This is based on feedback Rodney has received. He feels the home-made videos feel more real to his customers.
  • Rodney uses his own employees and customers instead of professional actors. He wants viewers to "meet" him and his staff through the videos. He feels this begins a personal relationship and gives viewers a chance to see who will be coming into their houses.
  • Rodney includes a number of do it yourself videos that offer tips and ideas homeowners can use without paying him. Nevertheless, a number of viewers have hired him to do the work anyway (even though they have to pay hundreds of dollars). These do-it-yourself videos help viewers understand the procedure and see the need for having it done.
  • The videos build trust and credibility.
  • The videos educate homeowners.
  • The videos offer proof of his claims. (When you watch this video, look for the spider web that is blowing back and forth from the air leak. - What could prove his case better than that?)
  • Videos offer Rodney a way to show, rather than tell, a key point in the sales process. Rodney will often just hand his I Phone to a customer and let them watch one of his videos as a way to answer a question or objection.
  • Videos build traffic to his website. When you include your URL in the information section about your video, this creates a direct link from YouTube to your site.

I will be interviewing Rodney Geisler on my BlogTalkRadio show, The Rainmakers' Roundtable on January 5, 2010 at 9:30 am. If you would like to learn more about marketing your business with YouTube videos, be sure to tune in or listen to the podcast later.

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