My Twitter Account Has Been Suspended

As some of you already know, my Twitter account has been suspended for some reason. I woke up this morning at around 6am Central time and tried to log into my account and got the bad news.

I have never spammed or used Twitter to send anything questionable in nature. Nor have I ever, to my knowledge, violated their Terms of Service. So I am confident this has been a mistake and will be corrected soon.

This happened to me once before, in May of this year, when a hacker attack prompted Twitter to suspend a large number of accounts. Fortunately, the problem was corrected and my account was restored that same day.

That said, it is frustrating. Especially since I have two workshops scheduled for next week on Twitter. It is obviously embarrassing to be a supposed expert on Twitter and have your own account suspended.

Oh well, I probably needed a dose of humility, so I'll get over it.

Again, I am confident that my account will be restored soon.

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